About Us

The Home Delivered Meals program was established in 1978 by Dr. James Alan Stewart, a local family physician. Dr. Stewart was concerned about some of his patients who, when discharged from the hospital, would not be capable of preparing their own meals and whose recovery very likely would be impeded. Dr. Stewart noted on many occasions that some of his patients were ending up back in the hospital not long after being released because they were unable to prepare food for themselves while they were recuperating.

Our Volunteer Coordinators are Jackie Brewer, Debbie Smith, Charla Behr and Ron and Cisi Pisklak. The coordinators keep our program going on a day to day basis by securing drivers for the three routes that are in Clute, Freeport and Lake Jackson.

Our meals are nutritionally balanced and are prepared daily at the Chi St. Luke's Health Brazosport. Three volunteer drivers, one for each route, pick up the necessary number of meals for their respective routes at the Hospital daily and deliver them just in time for lunch. These meals generally consist of a main entre, two side dishes, bread, a fruit cup and dessert.

Our Treasurer is Susan Whitby who painstakingly keeps our books in order for the Internal Revenue Service and does our billing and accounting duties. Her services are invaluable.

We have approx. 60 volunteers who do all the physical leg work without any financial compensation. They drive their own cars and provide their own gasoline for deliveries. However, we are always looking for new volunteers.

Our volunteers provide a friendly face and a warm greeting that accompany a hot meal. It would be difficult for me to tell you just how much has been done by our volunteers and how many people’s lives they have touched and changed.

Home Delivered Meals program has no paid employees or staff. Contributions to our program go directly towards feeding people who would likely do without a hot meal.

Clients pay $2.75 per meal but may request a reduced amount based on their ability to pay. HDM delivers, on the average, over 14,000 hot meals annually.

Our meal clients are referred to us by churches, physicians, health professionals, friends and relatives. Anyone interested in receiving meals must complete an application and attain a verification of need from his/her physician or health care professional.  For an application and form that the physician or health care professional may use to verify need click the links below.

If you or somebody you know would like to contribute financially or volunteer as a Home Delivered Meals driver, please contact us today!


Delivering meals
Photo by Holly Parker,
courtesy of The Facts.

Packing meals.
Photo by Holly Parker,
courtesy of The Facts.

If you would like a representative from Home Delivered Meals to come speak at your church, civic organization, or business please let us know!